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Redesigned navigation bar and new Laws, Rules, Agency Materials search coming to Securities Mosaic this weekend

May 9, 2019

In the next few days, some high-visibility improvements are coming to Lexis Securities Mosaic.

Most noticeably, we are redesigning and rearranging our navigation to make it more logical and user-friendly.  The new navigation bar better foregrounds those features and content that are unique to, or especially strong points for, Securities Mosaic.


What does that mean, exactly? Two things. First, assets like our Investigation and Enforcement searches, SRO materials, and SEDAR content will now be immediately visible when you land on Securities Mosaic. Second, users will have the option to see all content and features on Securities Mosaic at once, in a single view, by expanding the menu with a click:

LSM New Nav expanded

The idea is to help you get better value from the product by seeing features and content that may not have been on your radar.

Another big change is our redesign of the old Laws, Rules, & Agency Materials search page. All the same content will now be available in two new dedicated search pages, Agencies & SROs and Laws & Regulations. (Scroll all the way to the bottom of this blog post to see screenshots.) Again, one of our goals here was to make key content more discoverable. So, for example, things like SEC Regulations, the Dodd-Frank Act, and SROs are now plainly visible in the top-level search form. Moreover, by creating dedicated search page for these two broad content areas, we can offer functionality tailored to these two broad categories of content.  I’ll offer two examples.

First, we’ve added a QuickFind tool to Laws & Regulations. This is a significant enhancement in that it that makes pulling specific laws and statutes easy and intuitive. In the old search environment, you’d have to know, and accurately type in, the complete official US Code or CFR citation for a given law or rule. But most practitioners don’t use the complete citation; they use shorthand like “Regulation S-K” or “Section 16” or “Rule 10b-5”.  The new QuickFind lets you search by such shorthand terms:


Second, we now allow searching by practice area topic on Agencies & SROs. This functionality is not only a new option on the search page, it’s also accessible directly from the navigation bar. Use the topic feature to limit your search to only those agencies (or SROs) and Federal Register notices relevant to the topic you choose.  Of course, you can further refine in the usual ways — by keyword, date, document type, and so on.

Agencies SROs by Topicfew other features round out this weekend’s release.  We’ve created a redesigned News page that is your new Swiss army knife for anything and everything related to the Securities Mosaic News Service: accessing the latest newsletter, viewing and editing your personal news reception preferences, accessing the news archive, or simply getting an overview of what’s available to you as a subscriber.

Finally, on the Securities Mosaic home page we’ve added two new “Quick Search” shortcuts: to SEC Agency Materials (available also under Agencies & SROs), and to our new (and awesome) Insider Search.

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to our Customer Support team at or 1-888-925-8627.

Agencies SROs screenshot

Laws Regs screenshot

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