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A small change to the Securities Mosaic home page, affecting readers of this blog

February 5, 2018

You may have reached this blog post by clicking through to it from the Lexis Securities Mosaic home page, where for years we’ve included a handy link to blogmosaic. That link will be changing soon, routing readers instead to the equally wonderful but much more frequently updated Intelligize blog.  Below is some Q&A on this change.

LSM homepage 2.5.18

Q:  Does this change mean blogmosaic is going away?

A:  No, blogmosaic will still be accessible at  If you have an RSS or social media feed set up, it will still work.

Q:  Why the change?

A:  Two related reasons.  First, because its content is updated regularly, the Intelligize blog better reflects Securities Mosaic’s commitment to offering current awareness and timely analysis. (Blogmosaic, in contrast, is updated only about once a month.) Second, we want to make sure our users know about Intelligize and are in a position to benefit from the insight of commentators like Phil Brown, Todd Hicks, Marc Butler, and Rob Peters.

Q:  I’m seeing more and more references to Intelligize within the Securities Mosaic product. Will this trend continue?  

A:  The important context here is that since 2016 Intelligize and Securities Mosaic have been partners in the larger LexisNexis family.  So, in addition to the small change described here, we’ve added Intelligize content to our Daily Securities News and a link to the Intelligize product from the Securities Mosaic navigation bar.  (Likewise, Intelligize has added a link to Securities Mosaic from within its product.)  Where there are similar specific opportunities for improving one product by drawing on assets from the other, or more generally for enhancing awareness and accessibility of both products, we will be open to them — even as we continue to build out the two products separately.

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