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Tracking Trump

October 12, 2017

Still reeling from multiple failed attempts by the Republican-controlled Congress to torpedo the Affordable Care Act from the top down — through legislative action — President Trump today signed an Executive Order aimed at undercutting his predecessor’s signature law from the bottom up, through the markets.

Meanwhile, federal agencies charged with implementing Obamacare continue to churn out final rules that delineate the everyday practical and administrative details of the law.  That is, the ongoing federal agency rulemaking process is effectively entrenching the law even as politicians seek to undermine it.  Looking at the Affordable Care Act Rulemaking Tracker on Lexis Securities Mosaic, we can see no fewer than 14 such final rules (by the Department of Health and Human Services, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and the Department of the Treasury) passed over the past three months.  (Click the “Show search filters” expander and select “Final Rule” under Action Type.)  The most recent was released last week.


Securities Mosaic is a great resource for tracking both sides of this push and pull.  In addition to utilizing current awareness tools like the Affordable Care Act Tracker, a Securities Mosaic user can, for example, pull the actual bills presented to Congress to repeal or dismantle – or, for that matter, defend and reinforce – Obamacare.  If you have access to Securities Mosaic, you can click here to see the results of that search.   You can also set up an email alert to track future such actions going forward.

Furthermore, Securities Mosaic allows you to search on or be alerted to official Presidential actions as recorded in the Federal Register.  So far during his administration, President Trump has issued 213 Executive Orders, Memoranda, or Proclamations.  Some of these are well-known — for example, the infamous “travel ban” of January 27 — others less so.  Many are consistent with what we would expect from the President based on his stated priorities (Construction of the Keystone XL PipelineEnhancing Vetting Capabilities and Processes for Detecting Attempted Entry Into the United States by Terrorists or Other Public-Safety Threats; Made in America Day and Made in America Week) or simply on who he is (German-American Day; Older Americans Month).  Others might leave some scratching their heads, or be tinged with dark humor, given Trump’s past statements and actions:  National Hispanic Heritage Month; Women’s Equality DayGold Star Mother’s and Family’s Day; Increasing Access to High-Quality Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) EducationNational Disability Employment Awareness MonthNational Mental Health Awareness Month.

If you don’t have access to Securities Mosaic, contact us to get set up with a free trial.


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