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Lexis Securities Mosaic and Intelligize for 10-Q research

April 2, 2017

Securities Mosaic is a great resource for searching on SEC filers’ quarterly reports.  You can filter at the item (section) level of the document to target financial statements, controls and procedures, Management’s Discussion & Analysis, risk factors, and more.  Starting with such an item-level search, you can instantly batch-download or batch-email the full 10-Q including exhibits, or just the specific 10-Q item.  Need to see how a particular company’s MD&A disclosure changed from quarter to quarter, or from original to amended version?  Use the Securities Mosaic redline tool to quickly answer that question.

But what if you need to do even more?  For example, what if you’ve been asked to perform in-depth analysis on what’s being disclosed in today’s 10-Qs, requiring you to delve beyond the item level and isolate particular categories of risk disclosure, MD&A, or notes to financial statements in order to establish “what’s market”?  If that’s your use case, we recommend you also check out our LexisNexis partner Intelligize.  With Intelligize you can track, for example, how common Fair Value Measurements are in the notes to financial statements section of the 10-Q; or how often your peers discuss taxation in their MD&A.

To learn more about how Intelligize can complement and enhance your research on quarterly reports and other SEC filings, click here.


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