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Coming Soon: User-requested changes to Securities Mosaic Filings page

March 1, 2017

You spoke.  We listened.

As we detailed in our last blog post, our December release of the redesigned SEC Filings page did not quite meet with the enthusiastic reception we were hoping for.  Even though we packaged the redesign with lots of cool new features — which have indeed been well-received — many users felt we went too far in our efforts to create a clean, uncluttered, and “modern” search page.

We took these complaints seriously.  I personally spoke to many of you, often on multiple occasions, to gather the detailed feedback that would be the foundation for a redesigned redesign.  I’m pleased to announce today that we’ll release the bulk of these customer-prompted changes in a few weeks.

The upcoming changes include:

  • Moving the Filer (Company) search field to the upper left hand corner of the search screen.
  • Restoring the Form Type and Exhibit selection input boxes to the main search form, so that an extra click is no longer necessary to see them.
  • Creating a new “Condensed View” option for our results display that shows more records per screen and is thus more quickly scanned.  (We’ll also give you the option to set the Condensed View as your default display.)
  • Adding hyperlinks to the list of results in our Printable View display,  so that you have an additional way to access an even larger number of search results in a single, condensed view.

These adjustments are in addition to a number of smaller changes we made back in January, which included restoring the “Edit Search” button to the results display.

We’ll let you know when we have a firm release date for these changes, but we expect they’ll go live around the end of this month.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to register feedback and constructive criticism.

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