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Following customer feedback, some adjustments coming to redesigned Filings page on Securities Mosaic

January 17, 2017

Back in early December, when we released our newly enhanced and redesigned SEC Filings page with much fanfare, we were excited about what we saw as the many functional and aesthetic improvements to a search platform that was beginning to seem — to us at least — a little stale after more than a decade of scant change.  Granted, we felt some trepidation about how our loyal customers would respond to a search experience that was, at least at first glance, quite different from what they were accustomed to.  But this trepidation was tempered by many factors: our confidence in our approach to the redesign, which incorporated extensive user feedback and careful thinking through of subtle details; our knowledge that the redesigned page preserved all essential features and functionality—that we had taken nothing away; and our excitement about the many new valuable features that had been added, including a library of predefined searches, the ability to refine results using post-search filters, one-click batch download of results, and more.

Six weeks later, with the benefit of hindsight and much constructive criticism from our customers, we now realize we probably underestimated just how much love you had for the venerable old search page. We also probably underestimated the degree to which folks would be, well, annoyed by having to relearn how to do things — regardless of whether the changes we introduced were in some inherent sense “better.”  And even though we made a concerted effort to alert customers in advance and to offer support and resources for becoming acquainted with the new interface, there’s no doubt that many still felt unprepared for the change.  In short, we regret that the transition to the redesigned Filings page was for many users a little rocky.  And while many of you have told us you’ve gotten used to the new search page – even prefer certain things about it – others miss the old search page, or at least certain aspects of it.

So where does that leave us going forward?  Our primary goal is always to make our customer happy.  But what is the best path to achieving this?  For lots of reasons, we don’t think rolling back the clock and restoring the old search page is the answer. Instead, our plan is to identify the specific elements about the old search form that people miss the most and incorporate them into the new search form.  Based on your feedback, these elements include:

  • Presenting the filing company search box as the first thing you see in the search form
  • Certain important search filters, such as form type and preselected date range (e.g., “Last 3 Years”) selection, being more visible and accessible without an extra click
  • The ability to click an “Edit Search” link to have the option to edit your parameters within the initial search form
  • The ability to see a large number of search results in a single view in order to scan them quickly and without scrolling

You have spoken and we have listened.  We already have changes in development to address these and other items.  Many of these will be released later in January; we expect to have all redesign tweaks complete within the next several months.  Stay tuned to this blog for updates.

In the mean time, if you’d like to offer additional feedback on the redesigned search page, including specific changes you’d like to see, or if to ask me questions or voice any concerns, please feel free to reach out to me directly at  Finally, thank you again for your patience and continued dedication to Securities Mosaic.

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