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Coming soon: A newly enhanced SEC Filings page

November 14, 2016

On December 5, we’ll release an enhanced and redesigned version of our venerable SEC Filings page.  Although the new version will look and feel more like a LexisNexis search page, its functionality and essential character will remain very much Securities Mosaic.  Here’s a high-level overview of what you can expect:

  1. Simpler, sleeker and more elegant design
  2. Many new features and enhancements
  3. All existing features and search filters preserved

Lets’ go through each of these one by one. . .


The newly designed search form, coming soon

1.  Simpler, sleeker and more elegant design

As you probably know, today’s Securities Mosaic SEC Filings page offers dozens of advanced search filters and cool user tools.  And it shows: with so many bells and whistles, the search page is reminiscent of the dashboard of a 747 jetliner.

In the new interface (pictured above), many search filters, rather than cluttering the main search page, will be accessible via dialog boxes.  What’s the benefit here?  If you keep your socks, shirts, and underwear in dresser drawers rather than on the top of your dresser, you’ll understand. The extra step of opening a drawer is a small price to pay for a cleaner, more organized bedroom.  Similarly, we believe users — especially new or less experienced users — will find the new search page more approachable and easier to navigate.

2.  Many new features and enhancements

Here are some of the more noteworthy additions:

  •  A library of predefined searches.  Access over 100 expertly-crafted search templates, from bear hug letters to poison pills to fairness opinions to crowdfunding and Regulation A+ offerings.
  • Post-search filters.  You’ll now be able to edit your search parameters without leaving your list of results.
  • Company list feature.   Filings results can be post-filtered by unique primary filer, to create a list of companies based on your search criteria.  For example, instantly create a list of manufacturing companies located in Wisconsin, or a list of Foreign Private Issuers that have done IPOs so far this year.
  • Expanded redlining.  Our redline comparison tool, available for item-level searches, will now be accessible to users accessing Securities Mosaic via IP authentication.
  • Links to associated Comment Letters.  From the results display, we’ll not only call out which SEC filings  are the subject of SEC Comment Letters, we’ll link directly to the complete chain of correspondence between the SEC and the filing company.
  • One-click batch download.   Instantly download to your desktop up to 100 documents at a time, in Word or PDF format, from the results display.
  • Enhanced text search hit navigation.  From the results display, see the total number of text search hits per document.  Even better, click a link to instantly see all the text search hits in context for a given result without having to open the document.

3.  All existing features and search filters preserved

In other words, we’ve only added, not subtracted.  There’s nothing you can do on the current version of our SEC Filings page that you won’t be able to do on the new version.

We’ll post links to additional materials, including a tutorial video, as the release date nears.

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