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A new engine under the hood

August 6, 2015

Photo from Wikipedia Commons; some rights reserved. Click image for attribution.

Back in May, we quietly changed the URL for Lexis Securities Mosaic, from to   (In November we had already changed it from to, to coincide with our name change.)  This change was part of a major under-the-hood upgrade we made to our technical infrastructure, which has resulted in a faster, crisper, and more reliable experience for our users.

We had put in place a redirect to automatically route users to the new URL, so most didn’t notice the URL change.  Unfortunately, that redirect was down for a time on Thursday (it’s back up now), causing many of our users to wonder where we had gone.  Securities Mosaic itself actually never went anywhere — but those of you who used our former URLs were unfortunately unable to access the site for a time.  We apologize for that inconvenience.  But it gives us an opportunity to mention that is  our primary and official home.  The redirects will continue to work, but we still recommend you update your bookmarks and intranet sites.

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