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Our Private Placement Memoranda database can’t help you fix your broken lawn mower.

August 13, 2014

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Nor can it help you make a great martini, rule your fantasy football league, or improve your dental hygiene.

Still, the range of things you can do with it is vast.  Below are some (hypothetical) examples.

“I am looking for examples of 144A offerings that include an Exchange Offer.”

“I am looking for examples of PPMs in which there is an option for underwriters to purchase additional shares.”

“I want to see examples of issuers looking to raise money for crowdfunding portals through Regulation D offerings”

 “I want to see Risk Factors in PPMs that mention the volatility of floating rate notes based on LIBOR.”

“My client is a non-profit 501(c)(3) entity seeking to raise money for its efforts on the private market.  I would like to find private offerings by similar organizations.”

“I need examples of Reg D offerings by Texas-based companies looking to acquire mineral rights.”

“I’m looking for a PPM by a company in which Mark Cuban was a major investor.”

“I am looking for private offerings under Rule 144A in which companies are issuing debt securities in order to raise money to repay debts.”

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