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Just around the corner: an Advanced Search page for No-Action Letters

July 10, 2014

Photo from Wikipedia Commons. Click photo for attribution.

About a year ago we added over 62,000 SEC No-Action Letters to our database (including this odd one), increasing our collection by over tenfold — and blowing away many of our competitors in the process.  Today we announce the upcoming addition of a dedicated, Advanced Search page on No-Action Letters that is worthy of such a prodigious collection.

The new No-Action Letters page is fully text searchable and has search filters for:

  • The requesting company,
  • The subject category assigned to the letter by SEC (e.g., Regulation S-X, Investment Advisers Act of 1940),
  • The SEC Division that handles the request (Division of Corporation Finance, etc.),
  • The SEC’s stated position (you can include only letters in which the SEC is “unable to concur” with the request), and
  • Shareholder proposal-related letters (you can include or exclude requests related to Exchange Act Rule 14a-8).

The new page is perfect if you’re looking specifically and exclusively for No-Action Letter guidance.  If you’re interested in seeing any and all SEC guidance on a particular issue – that is, in cross-searching across various guidance materials including No-Action Letters, C&DI, telephone interpretations, FAQs, etc. — you’ll continue to be able to do that on Knowledge Mosaic, as you can today.

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