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What’s Great, What’s New, What’s on the Horizon for Knowledge Mosaic: Fall 2013

November 13, 2013

Yesterday we sent out our quarterly newsletter apprising customers of what’s been happening and what’s in the works for the Knowledge Mosaic product.  You can access that newsletter here.  

And here’s an update on one of those “What’s on the horizon” features.  We expect to release item-level searching for Forms 10-Q and 20-F before the end of this month — and likely before the Thanksgiving holiday.   Note that because redline comparison capability is part of item-level searching on Knowledge Mosaic, this feature will be available for 10-Q and 20-F items as well as for the current 10-K and 8-K items.  

If you ever want to see what’s new on Knowledge Mosaic — not to mention what was new last year, the year before, and going back four years — visit our What’s New archive at  

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