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Who says summer’s over? Here’s our quarterly newsletter, summer edition

September 4, 2013

The summer 2013 edition of our What’s Great, What’s New, What’s on the Horizon publication, sent to Knowledge Mosaic subscribers last week, is now available on blogmosaic.  Click the thumbnail image to the right to see the newsletter in PDF format.


Click image to access newsletter.

As you can see, there’s a lot on the horizon.  Of particular note are our long-awaited tools to allow you to compare excerpts with redlining, and to quickly retrieve filings incorporated in other filings by reference.  We’ve dubbed the latter feature the Knowledge Mosaic “Reference Retriever.”  Expect a blog post in the near future dedicated to this cool, time-saving tool.

Some users have asked us — quite reasonably — what took so long with these new features: after all, they’ve been “on the horizon” for nearly a year.  The short answer is that we decided to take extra time to ensure the tools met our high standards for quality and user experience.  We beta-tested versions of the tools earlier this year, then redesigned them based on feedback from these usability studies.  Although these extra steps delayed the release, we’re confident the versions we’ll launch later this month (yes, later this month) will be worth the extra time.

So enjoy what’s left of summer knowing that this fall will bring an especially bountiful harvest.





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