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SEC disclosure in the age of social media

August 1, 2013

How is the SEC revising its disclosure rules to reflect the increasing importance of social media channels like Twitter and Facebook?  More profoundly, how is this new technology changing the very meaning of “disclosure”?  These are some of the questions addressed by a recent post on LexisNexis’ “real law” website.  The article not only gives an overview of best practices for publicly traded companies in the age of social media, but it also gives a brief history of the evolving relationship between communication and business.  A worthwhile read.


Photo from LexisNexis Photo Library.

Photo from LexisNexis Photo Library.

For more on social media and SEC disclosure, you can go to the Knowledge Mosaic Law Firm Memos database and text search on “social media.”  You can also run this search on our Laws, Rules, & Agency Materials page to see SEC guidance and news on social media and disclosure rules.  Finally, to see examples of actual SEC risk disclosure referencing social media, use this search to query our Risk Factors database.

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