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District Court Throws Out SEC’s Resource Extraction Rule

July 7, 2013

Last week, the U.S. District Court dealt the SEC a blow by vacating its Dodd-Frank-mandated resource extraction disclosure rule.  The reverberations of the Court’s decision are likely to be loud and far-reaching, perhaps even extending (as some have speculated) to the fate of the equally controversial but higher profile conflict minerals rule.


Photo from Wikipedia Commons; some rights reserved.

You can track developments and find commentary, guidance, and disclosure related to the resource extraction rule on Knowledge Mosaic.  On our Law Firm Memos and News & Blogwatch Archive pages, just enter keyword “resource extraction.”  Run this search on our SEC Filings page to follow company risk factor disclosure on the rule (and to see how it changes with last week’s ruling).  Finally, see what the SEC has been saying and what their next move will be with this search on our Laws, Rules, & Agency Materials page.

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