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The more things change, the more they stay the same

April 21, 2013

If you’re a faithful reader of blogmosaic, you’ve no doubt noticed the new, bright red, high octane header that graces our humble blog.  And if you accessed this blog post from the Knowledge Mosaic home page, you’ll notice that the website looks different.  The old Knowledge Mosaic color palette – autumnal rust-brown and navy blue with earth-tone accents – is gone, in favor of the light blues, fire engine reds, and gray-accented hues of LexisNexis.

At a first, cursory glance, it might look like a completely different website.  But on a closer look, you’ll see that nothing aside from colors and fonts has really changed. Though part of the LexisNexis family now, Knowledge Mosaic is the same research and news service you’ve known for years.  We’ll continue as a stand-alone platform for the foreseeable future, and we’ll continue to offer the same great user experience and customer support.  But now we’ll be able to leverage the considerable resources of LexisNexis.New Knowledge Mosaic home page

Actually, it isn’t quite true that nothing substantive has changed.  Along with the new colors, we’ve released a few important enhancements to the website, the most visible of which is the long-awaited introduction of advanced text search on four search pages: Laws, Rules, & Agency Materials; SEC Comment Letters; Model Business Documents; and Law Firm Memos.

Boolean syntax (AND, OR, NEAR, NOT) and nested searching are now supported on these pages.  At the same time, the search syntax you’re used to will still work as before: if you prefer, just enter keywords and go.  The search syntax available on these pages is identical to what has been on our SEC Filings page since last fall.

We have a long list of other enhancements currently in development.  It’s an exciting time to work at Knowledge Mosaic – but an even better time to be a Knowledge Mosaic subscriber.  Here’s to the future!

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