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Emerging Growth Company filter on SEC Filings page to be released shortly

March 22, 2013

One of the key provisions of the 2012 JOBS Act was to designate a new category of public company, the Emerging Growth Company.  A company declaring “EGC” status  would have a substantially lighter regulatory burden, and would even have the option of submitting an IPO confidentially.   Since the JOBS Act became law one year ago, about a thousand companies have declared themselves to be EGCs.

Within the next few days, Knowledge Mosaic will introduce on its SEC Filings page a new EGC search filter.  The feature will allow users to restrict their search to filings by companies that have identified as EGCs.

We’ll write more about this feature once it is released.  In the mean time, click here to read past blogmosaic posts about Emerging Growth Companies and the JOBS Act.


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