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Industrial strength searching on our SEC Filings page

February 8, 2013

Earlier this week we upgraded one of the most important filters we offer on the SEC Filings search page: the ability to narrow your search by a company’s industry.

As before, we offer multiple ways of limiting by industry:  by broad industry label (e.g., “Utilities,” “Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals”), by Standard Industrial Classification code (the system used by the SEC itself), and by the North American Industry Classification system (which offers the ability for razor-sharp precision – e.g., “Doll and Stuffed Toy Manufacturing,” “Motor Vehicle Towing.”).  To this basic set-up we’ve introduced several enhancements.

shutterstock_31217350The most salient change is the addition of suggested matches on the SIC and NAICS code search boxes.   So instead of having to look up separately the codes corresponding to say, keywords such as textiles, mining, or surgical instruments, I can simply start typing those terms directly into the search box (or boxes) to see corresponding matches.

Other changes are less obvious but perhaps equally important.  One is that you can now combine any (or all) of the three industry filters to construct the most comprehensive search possible. Another is that we’ve mapped, behind the scenes, the very useful but rather opaque SIC codes to the intuitive, transparent English labels.  That means these labels now have the comprehensiveness of SIC codes but with the user-friendliness of plain English terms.

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