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Toward a unified text search on Knowledge Mosaic

November 28, 2012

In October, we added relevance-based searching to our SEC Filings page.  And before the end of the year, we expect to add full Boolean text search capability to the relevance-based search logic we already offer on four important Knowledge Mosaic pages: Laws, Rules & Agency Materials; SEC Comment Letters; Model Business Documents; and Law Firm Memos search.

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On that halcyon day, you’ll be able to run the same kinds of precision searches you can currently run on our SEC Filings page, using combinations of AND, OR, NEAR (and its cousin PRE), and NOT.   The underlying search engine, our Qmax system, will be exactly the same.

At the same time,  all these search pages will still support the freer, less structured type of text searching offered by relevance logic (and best exemplified by Google).  In other words, you’ll still have the option of just enter a string of words and hitting “Go” to get good results, without having to bother with connecting operators.   Just as we do now on our SEC Filings page, we’ll offer the best of both worlds when it comes to text search.  And eventually we’ll deploy Qmax across the entire Knowledge Mosaic website.

To read Frequently Asked Questions about Qmax, click here.

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