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Whither Exhibits Search?

November 13, 2012

A few users have called us wondering what happened to the Exhibits Search dropdown menu on our Filings page.  Surely we didn’t take it away?

No, no — it’s still there, and still just a click away.  The most obvious difference is that with the new layout, a grayed out version of the menu is no longer visible prior to clicking.  To see the Exhibits Search dropdown, just click into the box labeled “Specify Base Filing or Exhibits,” and the dropdown will appear, as you see in the image below.

The main reason we made the change was to implement a feature requested by many of our users, the ability to select the base filing in tandem with particular exhibits.  That wasn’t possible on the old version of the page.

If you’d like to better understand the changes we made to Knowledge Mosaic with our recent release, please take a look at this two-page PDF.

Alternatively, you can always check out our archive of “What’s New” on Knowledge Mosaic.  The archive provides a running catalog of new features released by Knowledge Mosaic going back to 2009, with newest stuff at the top.



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