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Knowledge Mosaic Releases Model Business Documents and Major Productivity Enhancements

November 1, 2012

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Last night, we released an important set of enhancements to Knowledge Mosaic. This one has been a long time coming, and has involved a lot of foundation and infrastructure work that will allow us to do exciting things on every page of the website in the near future. In addition to this subterranean foundation work, we have implemented new features that give you a broader and more enhanced toolset for working with both language and information inside documents. How will these changes improve your research workflow? Let’s roll the tape.

Model Business Documents

Drafting really good legal documents just got easier. Search from an abundance of industry-specific agreements, commitment letters, indentures, credit facilities, leases, covenants, charters, bylaws, opinions, and more. We are generally moving toward the creation of a broad Business Law platform that extends well beyond SEC Filings. Document drafting will be an important component of that platform. The happy irony is that the exhibits to the SEC filings themselves contain great examples of just about every conceivable kind of business document.

In the new Model Business Documents section of the Knowledge Mosaic website, we have culled and cleaned the documents for you – more than 4 million – and given you tools for filtering them by Document Title (we list more than 300 sample titles for you), Filer Name or CIK, Date Range, Industry, and Index Membership. So if you’re looking for a great Purchase and Sale Agreement for large companies, drafted in the last 3 years, and with language specifically pertaining to the “post-closing adjustment”,  you can find 7 of these documents (filtered down from an initial set of 5,296 Purchase and Sale Agreement documents) in about 30 seconds. Model Business Documents is a great new addition to Knowledge Mosaic, and in coming releases it will only get better as we do more to extract document sections and add new facets for filtering your searches.

Document Cart

We’ve always loved the Document Cart on Knowledge Mosaic. It’s just a really handy little utility for storing, annotating, emailing, creating custom documents, and batch downloading documents you’ve collected for particular projects or simply over time. And now the Document Cart is even better. We’ve boosted its capacity from 25 documents to 100 documents, which really gives you freedom to do some exciting things with filings, exhibits, and subdocuments across the full spectrum of your research.

Let’s say you want to quickly assemble all documents from the Consumer Protection Financial Board published in the last 30 days. In moments, you can select them from the Laws, Rules & Agency Materials page (there are 35 documents); upload them to the Document Cart, and then combine them into a single PDF (303 pages) that you can read at your leisure or distribute to others who may share your interests. With its increased capacity, the Document Cart is, among other things, like your own personal publishing platform.

Subdocument Selection

This is a tricky change on our SEC Filings page to explain, but one that you and your attorneys will appreciate. Previously, the SEC Filings page did not give you the flexibility to select the Base Filing with any combination of exhibits. We also used to require you to view a filing as a single – perhaps very long – document, even though you may only be interested in specific sections. In the new release, we have deployed our clever little “Everything Box” (presently used on the Lobbying page) to give you that freedom. Simply click in the box and a menu of options will appear, including the base filing and all exhibits. You can select them in any order you choose, and they will display as separate subdocuments – the base filing and the exhibits are all separate records in your results page.

Share this Search

Over time, we’ve systematically added new dimensions to your Research Workflow. The next two Knowledge Mosaic enhancements illustrate new ways you can make your research part of the Social Web. With Share This Search, you can send your SEC Filings query parameters to a colleague, who can load your search with a single click. For librarians, in particular, this is gold. When you run a query that will benefit one of your attorneys, you can simply share the search with the attorney rather than copy the parameters and require them to recreate the search, or send them results via email.

RSS Alerting

One of the things we’re most proud of at Knowledge Mosaic is our query alerting platform. This cutting-edge technology allows you to turn any search query on our SEC filings, federal regulations or law firm memos databases into an email alert, delivered to you on your schedule – in real time, in a daily digest, or compiled into one email per week. We call them “real-time query alerts.” Like magic, they transform our fast, fixed research platform into an agile mobile alerting environment.

Now you can also turn your search query into an RSS feed instead of a conventional email alert. This format allows you to deliver or receive real-time information in widgets, dashboards, and mobile apps. We’re very excited about RSS query alerts because they free you! For years, we’ve received requests for widgets or RSS feeds from libraries and always faced the problem of scale – it is difficult to build widgets or create feeds based on individual requests and it is also difficult to anticipate broader needs by building a library of widgets or feeds that will satisfy everyone.

Now, every library can take any query from our SEC Filings, LRAM, and Law Firm Memos pages and instantly transform it into an RSS URL. You can create custom feed or widget libraries for any page of your SharePoint portal, and change them on the fly, merely by adjusting the query parameters.

Hit Highlighting & Relevance Boosting

We’ve done a lot of work on the underpinnings of our SEC filings page. We’ve enhanced our text search hit highlighting on both the results page and in the documents. We capture hits from complex queries (and you would not believe how complex some of them can be) more accurately. We capture spans between proximity searches and highlight them, too. We display hit highlight snippets by default in your search results, so when you return to your results page, you don’t lose the highlights. And we’ve supplemented full Boolean text searching on the SEC Filing search page with Relevance boosting in the search results, which means that the results that best match your text search criteria will rise to the top.

There are two minor changes to how you must search. Literal text strings now require quotation marks. And while wildcards will continue to work if you use them, stemming is now the preferred method to find words that share the same root. Over the next few months, we will roll out our new hit highlighting and other text search changes to every other text search page on Knowledge Mosaic (and adding it to some pages that do not currently support text search).

Where Did Lobbying Go?

Good question. We love our Lobbying page, but needed room on the top level of the Navigation Bar for Model Business Documents. Because our lobbying data is disclosure data, we have moved the Lobbying page to Disclosure & Transactions section of the Knowledge Mosaic website, right next to Law Firm Relationships.

We’re excited about this new release and hope you will be, too. We are available at all times to answer questions and provide training. By the way, because of the infrastructure improvements I mentioned at the beginning of this email, we are poised to unveil an additional series of improvements over the next six months. Stay tuned.
Sincerely Yours,

Peter Schwartz, President
Knowledge Mosaic Inc.

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