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Real-time query alerts in RSS: get Knowledge Mosaic data in your pocket

October 26, 2012

We’ve written before about the awesomeness of real-time query alerts for SEC filings, federal agency materials, the Federal Register, and more.   Next week (some time around October 31), with the introduction of an RSS feed option, they get even more awesome.

The benefits of RSS format are well-documented (if not necessarily well-known).  Sometimes called the “Tivo of the Internet,” RSS lets you see only what you what, when you want, and how you want.   Unlike information you retrieve online, you don’t need to visit multiple websites or navigate the wilderness of different webpages.  Like email, the information comes straight to you — but unlike email, you don’t have to wade through a torrent of messages, some of which are likely to be spam.  The experiences is crisp, clean, consistent, and customizable.

In the context of Knowledge Mosaic data, the beauty of RSS alerts is that you can easily create your own widget for any search you want to run.   For example, if you’re following the SEC’s implementation of a certain final rule, you can set up an RSS feed to be alerted when that rule comes in.  Or you can set up a feed on SEC filings made by a company you’re watching.  Customize them to your heart’s content – for example, by filtering on certain keywords or text strings.

RSS feeds may be easily plugged into your organization’s intranet or hosted web application such as SharePoint.    And they’re infinitely mobile, equally compatible with your iPhone or Droid as with whatever version of Internet Explorer you’re running on your desktop.  So the power and vastness of Knowledge Mosaic real-time data now fits in your pocket.

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