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Coming soon: upgrades to the Knowledge Mosaic SEC Filings page

October 17, 2012

We have a major website release just around the corner — before the month of October is out.  There are some big-ticket items coming, and we’ll be detailing those in this blog in the coming days.   In this post, however, we focus on a few of the less prominent (yet still valuable) additions.

On our SEC Filings page, look for the following upgrades:

Photo by Nemodus Photos. Some rights reserved.

New document display.  Run a search, open some documents, and — your results page stays open!   Your selected documents will appear by default in a new browser tab, leaving your list of results accessible in another tab, just a quick click away.   This new document display also makes it easy to open multiple documents at a time.  Toggle back and forth between open documents,  or between documents and the results list.  Finally, the new display eliminates the need for a double scroll bar, so that scrolling through a document is a breeze.

A supersized Document Cart.   You’ll be able to put up to 100 items in your personalized Document Cart, which has also been optimized for speed.  And the Document Cart (if you didn’t know) is not simply a place to store items for later retrieval.  It offers a whole suite of capabilities for building custom composite documents, batch downloading items, attaching notes, printing, and emailing.

“Shared Search” capability.  Run a search, then send it to a colleague with the click of a mouse.  The colleague will receive an email containing a link; clicking it will load your search results just as you see them.

Batch-select exhibits.  For email or Document Cart upload.  When you run a search on Exhibits, 8-K items, or 10-K items – anything we call a “subdocument” (a part of the whole filing) – you’ll be able to use the checkboxes next to your results to batch-select them.  So, for example, if your search on Exhibit 10 returns 78 results, you can instantly stash them all in your Document Cart with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Hit Count for documents.  At the document view level, you can see the total number of text search hits for that particular document.

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