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How Knowledge Mosaic Inc. can transform your firm’s newsletter

August 27, 2012

In today’s legal market, every major law firm is also a publishing house.

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Law firms publish bulletins, newsletters and alerts to keep clients and prospective clients informed – informed not only about the events and ideas that matter to them, but also about what the authoring firm is saying and doing.  So it is a way to stay in the public eye, to remind readers of the firm’s status as an authoritative source of guidance and commentary.

But with every law firm playing the publishing game, competition is fierce.  What differentiates the newsletter that catches people’s eye from the one that ends up on the wrong end of a Delete button?

In our experience, the successful newsletter has three characteristics:

1)  Substance.  It has real news and data, not just fluff.

2)  Specificity.  It targets a specific audience – a particular industry or practice area.

3)  Style.  It looks professional, and is well-branded to highlight your firm’s identity.

Knowledge Mosaic Inc. can assist you in all three of these areas.  Here’s how.

Substance.   As research experts and providers of an astonishing breadth of primary data, we supply you with all the raw material you need to create an attention-grabbing, substantive, and original client newsletter. You take this content and, if you like, add commentary and analysis in your own voice and style.

Specificity.  The breadth of our data allows us to serve the information needs of a wide spectrum of audiences.  We can draw from our primary data store of public company filings, agency materials from dozens of federal agencies (including rulemaking, enforcement, speeches, and press releases), and  news and commentary from the mainstream (and not-so-mainstream) press.

For example, we can provide content for newsletters in the areas of Financial Services, Corporate & Securities, Energy & Environment, Antitrust & Competition, Labor & Employment, and Intellectual Property.

Style.  Knowledge Mosaic technical and web design experts can help you create a template using your branding and layout ideas, or can optimize your HTML for the best results.

But we don’t stop there.  Not only do we lend our data and our expertise; we partner with you.  By establishing an ongoing working relationship with your team, we support you at every stage of the editorial and production process, seeing through each and every issue to successful publication.

Learn all about how Knowledge Mosaic can help the marketing, communications, and business development units of law firms by contacting us at or toll-free at 1.866.650.3600.

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