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Seven ways to share

August 21, 2012

You’ve crafted the perfect search.  Now you want to share your results.  Knowledge Mosaic offers no fewer than 7 ways to do so.

Batch download: Filings are saved as individual PDFs and contained in a single zip folder.

Batch email:  Check the boxes next to your results; send them as a batch in HTML, PDF, or Word format.

Aggregate PDF:  Stitch together filings like so many squares in a patchwork quilt (or tiles in a mosaic) — up to 25 documents at a time, demarcated by a cover page, all in a single aggregate PDF file.

Printable report:  An easy way to show someone the same results you’re looking at; includes Keyword-in-Context highlighting.

Excel report:  Includes all results and associated metadata in rows and columns.  Slice and dice data the way you only can in an Excel spreadsheet.

Shared search:  Create a “canned search” to share with other Knowledge Mosaic users via a permanent link.  Available now on our Laws, Rules, and Agency Materials page; coming in September to the SEC Filings page.

Additional recipients on an alert:  Set up a customized alert and sign up to 10 additional recipients  to receive the alerts.  Additional recipients need not be Knowledge Mosaic subscribers.

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