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Ten Things You Might Not Know about Knowledge Mosaic

July 18, 2012

10)  SEC filings are available on our website within 1 to 2 minutes of being submitted to the SEC by the filer.  (We’ve had a direct feed for years now.)

9)  We track which law firms are representing which public companies for SEC filings activity.   Who represented Facebook Inc. for its IPO?  Our Law Firm Relationships page gives the answer.

8)  We completely overhauled our SEC Comment Letters search page earlier this year, and it is fabulous.

7)  Knowledge Mosaic Inc. is technically a corporation — but we’re not corporate.  We’re still independent, private, and free of the entanglements, encumbrances, and competing interests that plague larger, more complex organizations.  How many major research providers can make that claim?

6)  We offer a great, practical guide to the major SEC form types.  It’s here.

5)  You can set up an email alert on practically anything on the Knowledge Mosaic website.  For example, you can sign up to receive an alert when a federal agency releases a final rule implementing the Affordable Care Act; when a company files the initial paperwork for an IPO; or when a bill sponsored by Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma is introduced into the Senate.

4)  Down with nickel-and-diming!  We keep it simple by charging a single flat rate for anything and everything you can do on the Knowledge Mosaic website.

3)  Later this year, our Laws, Rules, and Agency Materials page gets even better when advanced Boolean searching (yes, including the proximity operator) will be supported.

2)  If you wonder what we’ve done for you lately, you can find out by visiting our archive of “What’s New” on Knowledge Mosaic.

1)  Knowledge Mosaic has been around a long time.  Over a decade now.  We get bigger and better every year.  Find out why.

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