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Little, Blue, and Magic

July 6, 2012

If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you know a little bit about our Laws, Rules, and Agency Materials page (affectionately known as “LRAM” in-house).  You know, for example, that it doubles as a kitchen sink and a fire hose.  You know that it gives you access to the machine — which is really an octopus.  You know that its ingredients make a fine pie.

All are reasons why Knowledge Mosaic allows you to “Embrace Abundance.”

But let’s say you don’t care about abundance.  As cool as federated search can be, there are times when you just want dive right in to a particular agency or dataset.  Did you know that LRAM lets you do that too?

Click image to enlarge.

Let’s say you just need to pull something from the SEC – say, a No-Action Letter.  From the LRAM landing page, just scroll down through the alphabetical list of agencies, and when you hit the SEC, click the little blue text link.  (See screenshot, which you can click to enlarge.)  Not the check box, which is designed to work with searching across multiple sources, but the text link itself.

If your goal is to drill down, these blue text links are magic.  They confine your search to the silo you choose and allow you to browse through the complete inventory of datasets particular to each agency – a sort of Table of Contents.   For the SEC, we see everything from ALJ Initial Decisions on down to Trading Suspensions — with No-Action Letters in the middle of that alphabetical list.

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