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Supreme Court ruling on health care reform ends wait-and-see era for businesses and regulators

June 29, 2012

In a law firm memo on the Supreme Court’s ruling yesterday, lawyers at Ropes & Gray imply that as the outcome of the Court’s deliberations remained in doubt, a wait- and-see attitude may have prevailed among those potentially affected by the new law.  They write: “. . . federal regulators and many state governments will now push ahead with ACA implementation. Health care providers, insurers and managed care plans, pharmaceutical and device manufacturers and employers will proceed in their efforts to prepare for the reforms and comply with the numerous requirements of the law.”

If so, we should see this push reflected in the ACA-related releases coming out of federal agencies, and the ACA-related risk factor language disclosed by public companies.

You can easily track both on Knowledge Mosaic.  Our Affordable Care Act Rulemaking Tracker allows you to follow federal implementation of the law, allowing us to see, for example, that there have already been 87 final rules published in the Federal Register.  (The most recent came out Monday, from the IRS, and covered the provision of an excise tax on indoor tanning services.)

And our Risk Factors search page lets you easily search for risk disclosure by public companies on Obamacare.  If you search on “Affordable Care Act” or “health care reform” on that page,  you find over 7,000 instances in which public companies cite passage (or failure of passage) of the new health care law as a possible risk to prospective shareholders.

Yes, all that — plus those law firm memos.  Along with that Ropes & Gray offering, you’ll find 37 memos (and counting) that comment on yesterday’s historical ruling.

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