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Our Investment Adviser page will be back up soon

June 4, 2012

At long last, Knowledge Mosaic is poised to debut its new Investment Adviser Registration page  — hopefully by the end of this week.  (We had anticipated the page being ready last week, but things are running a few days behind schedule.)   We’ll make an announcement on Blogmosaic when the page goes live.

By design, the new page bears little (superficial) resemblance to the old page.  Our goal was to start with a clean slate and create a search experience characterized by grace, simplicity, and speed.  Click the image to the right to see a sneak preview of the new page.

You’ll note that even as we’ve simplified things overall, we’ve added some new search fields, including the ability to filter by an adviser’s registration status (approved, revoked, etc.) and by results that include a Form ADV-E, the report of a “surprise examination” by an independent public accountant.

Perhaps the best thing about the new page is that it’s fast.  Not only does it run searches in mere fractions of a second, but records are updated on a daily basis to ensure that the information you’re seeing is fresh and timely.

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