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New on Knowledge Mosaic: Batch-Download Documents

May 16, 2012

A few weeks ago, we released a much-anticipated feature on the Knowledge Mosaic website.  You now have the ability to download multiple documents (as individual PDFs) from your Document Cart.   They’re neatly packaged into a zip folder that you can save to your desktop, flash drive, or wherever.

The Document Cart is available for items from our SEC Filings page ( not just whole filings, but also individual exhibits and 10-K or 8-K items) and our Laws, Rules, and Agency Materials page.  Since your Document Cart is unique to you, logging in with your username and password is required to access.  (If you’re part of an organization-wide license, click “Personal Access” at the upper right of your screen to get a login prompt).

As with all personal account features on the Knowledge Mosaic website, unlimited use is completely covered by your license.

The Document Cart is currently capped at 25 items.  However, we anticipate tripling this maximum some time in the next few months.   Keep reading this blog; we have lots of other enhancements coming down the pike.

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