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Use Knowledge Mosaic to set up real-time alerts on company dealmaking

April 2, 2012

As of our recent Knowledge Mosaic upgrade, our SEC Watchlist offers precision alerting not previously possible on our platform.   For example, you can now set up alerts on specific 8-K items.  That’s a big deal, because it opens the door to alerting on a variety of major public company announcements – bankruptcies, delistings and trading suspensions, changes in directors and officers, major financial news, and so on.

It also includes the “Entry into a Material Definitive Agreement” item, in which companies formally disclose the completion of a major deal such as a merger.  So you can now set up a Watchlist to be notified when such deals happen.  Here is a basic template for this kind of alert:

Search parameters:    Scope: 8-K Items (Basic)   Entity: All Filers   Text: merger near/3 agreement   Items: 1.01   Form Type: 8-K

Depending on your purposes, there are a number of adjustments you might consider making to this template query.

To narrow it (i.e., to make it more precise and to reduce the number of results), you can:

1)  Use this more specific text string:

 (entered into or pursuant to the terms of) pre/4 (merger near/3 agreement)

2)  Include other search filters, such as filer attributes: industry, location, exchange, etc.

To cast a wider net (i.e., to increase the number of results but possibly to introduce irrelevant ones), you can:

1)   Use this broader text string:


which catches any mention of “merger” or variants like merging, merged, etc. (the asterisk is a wildcard operator).

2)  Include Item 2.01 (Completion of Acquisition) alongside Item 1.01.

If you’d like assistance on setting up alerts through Knowledge Mosaic, please contact us.

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