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SEC No-Action Letters — and 10 other canned alerts

March 14, 2012

Knowledge Mosaic now offers alerting for SEC No-Action Letters.  And rulemaking.  And enforcement, and  . . . well, pretty much everything SEC.   Which is only one of 37 federal regulatory or oversight bodies on which we offer alerting — to say nothing of the Federal Register, Public Laws, and recent Bills & Legislation in Congress.

Which basically translates into: The new Knowledge Mosaic alerting system offers something for just about everyone.

If you’re a Knowledge Mosaic subscriber, unlimited alerts are free.  If you’re not, here’s a link to free trial access so you can see for yourself.

Just to paint a picture for you, below are 11 canned alerts you could set up right now on Knowledge Mosaic.   Just click the link below, then click “Save as Alert.”  (You can also tinker with the search parameters before saving.)

Photo by johnm2205. Some rights reserved.

1).   SEC No-Action Letters on Rule 14a-8

2.)  “Adverse action” and the Fair Credit Reporting Act

3.)  Fracking (hydraulic fracturing)

4.)  Recent Congressional Bills on the topic of prescription drugs

5.)  FDA Warning Letters to companies citing problems with “rodents” or insects”

6.)  Requests for Confidential Treatment submitted to the SEC

7)  Publication of FERC final rules in the Federal Register

8)  FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) enforcement actions

9)  Any offficial guidance on ERISA

10)  Cybersecurity and privacy

11)  Bank “Stress tests” and the Dodd-Frank Act

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