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Knowledge Mosaic Releases KM4

March 8, 2012

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Some of us have been together for ten years, and in that time you have seen many incarnations of Knowledge Mosaic, dating back to our origins as Securities Mosaic. Today, I am proud to present you with KM4, which is the most ambitious and exciting version of Knowledge Mosaic we have ever released.

Using “Abundant Search” to Integrate Regulatory and Business Law

With the release of KM4, Knowledge Mosaic will be able to serve, not just transactional attorneys, but nearly every attorney in your firm.

The new breadth of Knowledge Mosaic is staggering – with a remarkable new home page and a Laws, Rules, and Agency Materials (LRAM) section with more than 1.4 million searchable federal regulatory and legislative documents harvested from more than 30 federal agencies; as well as 14 years of the Federal Register; a current CFR; an updated US Code; and comprehensive Public Laws and Legislation.

LRAM – along with our 100,000 law firm memos, our comprehensive and feature-rich alerting platform, and our new Lobbying Data module – are elements of our concept of abundant search, which presumes that attorneys from across every firm will need to cross agency and topical boundaries continually in order to get the information they need to serve their clients.

The concept of abundant search also presumes that federal legislation and regulation affects businesses across the full spectrum of their work and operations. It is difficult at this point to imagine another legal research product besides Knowledge Mosaic that offers this kind of integration between regulatory and business law.

An astounding number of other improvements to Knowledge Mosaic accompany the KM4 release. You may view them here. And the enhancements will just keep coming as we move to the “sprint” development used by Google and Facebook, where product designers and software engineers work together on tightly defined projects that are released to the website every 5 or 6 weeks.

Business Transformation

Companies live in markets. They live in relation to competitors. Many companies occupy commodity markets in which they struggle simply to survive. Others are able to define and invent themselves creatively and fearlessly, and with some measure of both skill and luck, they can sail into the open seas of the “Blue Ocean”, where there is no real competition.

Transactional research has been important, and will remain important, to our mission. However, few will deny that for online research vendors, transactional research has become a commodity market. It is crowded (Westlaw Business, Morningstar Business Document, PLC, Intelligize). But it is not growing.

We will continue to serve transactional attorneys with passion and skill, and continue to innovate on their behalf. However, we want to do more and will do more. Our integrated packages of news, data, alerting services, and workflow tools will allow business lawyers to practice and collaborate across the full span of federal regulation and business disclosure, not just in relation to deals and disclosure.

Knowledge Mosaic doesn’t do a lot of case law (although we are doing more). We also don’t command 35 percent margins and fill our office garage with BMWs. We pour every spare cent in our coffers back into product research and development. However, we can legitimately say that we are otherwise now equivalent to Westlaw, Lexis, and Bloomberg Law in our ability to serve nearly every attorney in almost every law firm across the nation.

Law firms and corporate legal departments alike can dramatically extend the reach of their research and current awareness by subscribing to Knowledge Mosaic alongside Westlaw, Lexis, or Bloomberg. What Knowledge Mosaic brings to the party that is new and unique is abundant search to integrate regulatory and business law.

A Final Word of Caution

KM4 differs greatly from previous versions of Knowledge Mosaic. That is a good thing. Nine months of intense planning, designing, and engineering have gone into the birthing. However, we know from experience that the first few weeks of a major launch can be very challenging, both for our customers, and for our own team. We know change can be disruptive, and even traumatic. Regular visitors to a website get used to search tools and browse features working in consistent and predictable ways. But dramatic new releases overthrow the given order. They are like revolutions. Please know that we will be here to help you adjust to the changes on the Knowledge Mosaic website every step of the way. We offer on-demand training, phone and email support, a Feedback link, and soon Live Chat! Please take advantage of all of these opportunities to reach out and ask questions and let us know your thoughts and ideas. We will welcome every opportunity to interact with you.


Peter Schwartz, President

Knowledge Mosaic Inc.

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