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Upcoming enhancements to Knowledge Mosaic’s Laws, Rules, Agencies section

February 28, 2012

As part of our major release next week, you’ll see a number of changes to our Laws, Rules, Agencies section.  Here’s the rundown.

Photo by Steve Wall. Some rights reserved.

More data.  We’re adding yet more datasets as we march onward toward our goal of mapping the entire federal regulatory landscape.  You can see a topical breakdown of the new data here, and read more about our guiding philosophy here.

Share, or be alerted on, your search.  On the new search page, you’ll be able to click a link to convert your search into an alert, or to instantly share your search via email  with a colleague.

Refine results by category.  We’ll offer new facets that show how your search breaks down by general document category– including Enforcement, Guidance, Notices & Orders, and Rulemaking.  So, for example, you’ll be able to easily search across all agency enforcement releases that mention “FCPA” or the “Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.”

QuickFind.  An alternative way to find what you need quickly.  Just type in the agency and select the dataset you need from the dropdown menu.  You can also grab the set of law or rules you need (e.g., Securities Regulations).   Use the sidebar to refine your results from there.

Deeper facets for Bills & Legislation.  When you drill down into the Bills & Legislation category, you’ll be able to refine your search by Sponsor and Co-Sponsor (e.g., Senator Rand Paul – KY), Committee (e.g., Senate Budget Committee), and Subject (e.g., Foreign and international banking).

Use the back button!  Your browser back button will now allow you to retrace your steps backward through each level of your search.

Expanded Key Securities Compilations.  Now its own page and greatly expanded, Key Securities Compilations provides sets of statutes and regulations in easy-to-read PDF format. This single document approach allows you to easily email, save or print these collections.  We’ve recently added Regulation S-K, Regulation M-A,  Regulation FD, and many others.

Read more about what’s on the way with the latest release of Knowledge Mosaic platform by clicking here.


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