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Coming Soon: Next-Generation Customizable Alerting on Knowledge Mosaic

February 7, 2012
In early March — just a few weeks from now — we’ll be launching a major upgrade to the Knowledge Mosaic website.  One of the most striking new features will be a sweepingly revamped alerting system that will make our current SEC Watchlist Alert system — a tried-and-true workhorse over the years, to be sure — seem quaint by comparison.The new alerting system will offer much more powerful and precise search capability for SEC filings.  But that’s not even the most exciting thing about it.

Photo by Matt Hanson. Some rights reserved.

What is truly a game-changer is that customized alerting for primary data will now go far beyond the narrow sphere of public company disclosure — it will extend to almost every document we make available on the website. Considering the vastness of the data we offer on our Laws, Rules and Agency Materials page, that’s a big deal. Want to set up an alert for CFTC final rules?  Check.  For Federal Register notices on the Endangered Species Act that mention polar bears?  For sure.  For SEC No-Action Letters on Rule 14a(8)?  No problem.  For Early Termination Notices under Hart-Scott Rodino?  Roger.  Since we have hundreds of datasets, this list could go on ad nauseum.
The new alerting system has been built from the ground up on a new core architecture to ensure the utmost in speed, reliability, comprehensiveness, and precision.  Here are the highlights:
  • Alerts are now available for nearly all the materials on our research platform, including releases from over 30 federal agencies, recent public laws and bills in Congress, the Federal Register, law firm memos, and public company disclosure through SEC filings.
  • All alerts offer advanced text search and metadata filtering.  Set up alerts directly from the corresponding pages on the research platform: the available search fields and functionality for research and alert configuration are now identical.
  • Alerts offer Keyword-in-Context (KWIC) highlighting.
  • Include up to 10 additional recipients.
  • Choose from three delivery formats: real time (an alert is emailed immediately), daily bundled, or weekly bundled.

Of course, as with everything on our platform, it’s all included as part of your comprehensive license to Knowledge Mosaic.  Set up as many alerts as you like — there is no limit, and there are no extra or hidden charges.

UPDATE:  This feature was released on Thursday, March 8. 

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