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A Small Company with a Big Heart

December 27, 2011

As a small, independently owned company, Knowledge Mosaic Inc. may not have the deepest pockets – but if being small also means our ties to the “real world” are more apparent, more profoundly felt, perhaps that helps explains why giving back generously to our world and to our human community is so deeply ingrained in our company culture.

We demonstrate this commitment in many ways. Each holiday season, for example, Knowledge Mosaic selects a charity to sponsor with the goal of helping people who face struggles in their lives. This annual gift communicates our gratitude for the blessings in our own lives and reflects our faith in the efficacious power of compassion as a force for change in the world. This year, our gift went to Northwest Harvest, an organization that provides nutritious food for hungry people in our region.

We also donate to causes when an acute need arises, supporting, for example, the March 2011 relief efforts on behalf of earthquake- and tsunami-ravaged Japan. Finally, as caring, engaged citizens of our local and global communities, Knowledge Mosaic employees are personally involved in many philanthropic causes; the company is often able to lend support to these individual efforts.  Our support earlier this year for Solar for Shikha is a great example.

Our guiding philosophy is to try to help and empower those who are most vulnerable.  Naturally, then, we often focus on children.  And helping children goes hand in hand with supporting education, which still represents the best opportunity for children to lift themselves from poverty and create new opportunities for themselves.  Supporting education, in turn, often means supporting technology initiatives, which can dramatically leverage existing educational opportunities for children. Technology can overleap barriers of geography and create possibilities for global learning communities.

Compassion opens the heart to truth and beauty. It twines us together within our company and helps us to touch, and be touched by, the desperate needs of the vulnerable among us, in our human community.

Best wishes to everyone for a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

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