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Letters, We Got Letters: New SEC Comment Letters Page On the Way

November 22, 2011

SEC Comment Letters are a special kind of document. Technically, they’re disclosure – filed by or on behalf of companies via the EDGAR system – but they’re primarily valuable as guidance materials.  Along with their cousins the No Action Letters, they help filers (and the lawyers who represent them) determine what to do and what not to do as they prepare submissions for the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Photo by Mike Ambs. Some rights reserved.

Such a special document deserves a special search page. And to be sure, for many years Knowledge Mosaic has offered a dedicated page on SEC Comment Letters, one that includes not only those letters filed as discrete form types CORRESP (letters written by the Commission to the company) and UPLOAD (responses by the company), but also those Comment Letters embedded within other filings.

In a couple of months, however, Knowledge Mosaic will launch a new version of the search page that really will be something special. The new page will offer all the functionality of the old (i.e., current) page, but with much, much more. For starters, it will be lightning fast, with search results returned in mere seconds or less. And like our current Laws, Rules, and Agency Materials page, it will feature a faceted search environment to allow users to refine their search as they burrow in. Fields that currently can be used only as top-level filters will now stand ready for deployment after the initial search is run, for fine-tuning of results.

Newly added search fields include the filing (form type) that is the subject of the correspondence; the A/D office assigned to the filer; and broad industry categories as an optional alternative to SIC codes. We’re also introducing the ability to see all related letters in a correspondence thread. You can even create a PDF that aggregates related documents into one.

You’ll also be able to select your company or filer from a list of suggested matches, as you can do now on the SEC Filings page. You’ll be able to view any additional filers associated with the Comment Letter. And you’ll be able to grab documents from the results view and add them to your Document Cart, email them, or export them into an Excel spreadsheet.

The new Knowledge Mosaic SEC Comment Letters page will make its debut some time in mid-January.

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