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No Strings Attached: A Much-Requested Functionality Upgrade To Be Deployed Soon

October 25, 2011

For a long time, we’ve offered the ability to send SEC filings and other documents via email – but only in the form of a hyperlink to the document, not the document itself (as an attachment). And while that’s been good enough for most users in most situations, it hasn’t been good enough for all users in all situations. You, our colleagues and customers, have made that clear to us over the years. Indeed, the ability to send filings as email attachments has been one of our most frequently requested features.

Photo by Curious Expeditions. Some rights reserved.

Call it the end of an era, then. Some time between now and when little kids dressed up as witches and goblins start ringing your doorbell, the Knowledge Mosaic SEC Filings page will offer users the option to email filings as attachments. (Cue applause.)

Providing this functionality meant confronting two technical challenges. First, your email gateway.  It imposes a limit on the file size it’ll accept for incoming messages, a limit that varies from organization to organization.  Second, file attachments can sometimes increase the likelihood that spam filters will kick in. We’re addressing the first issue by capping outgoing emails at 5 MB (5,000 kilobytes) – much larger than the vast majority of SEC Filings, but small enough that file size should not typically be an obstacle to successful reception. As to the second issue, this gives us yet another reason to encourage users to do what we recommend anyway: Have your IT department “white-list,” on the server level, both our email domain name and our sending IP range, –  If you don’t, the spam that is blocked may be your own.

You’ll be able to access the new feature from both the search results display level and within a document itself. Accessing from the results level allows you to attach up to 25 documents in a single email — provided, of course, they do not add up to 5 MB in the aggregate. Simply check the box next to the selected filing(s) and click the “Email Checked” button. From there, you can opt for PDF or Word format. You can also go retro and choose to send them as good old-fashioned hyperlinks. This format, to which which the file size restriction does not apply, will remain the default setting.

To be notified when the new feature is deployed, keep reading this blog.

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