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Coming Soon: LedeLine, the Newest Alerting Tool from Knowledge Mosaic Inc.

August 24, 2011

Knowledge Mosaic Inc. is pleased to announce the upcoming release of LedeLine SM, a new alerting tool that allows users to subscribe to  real-time, customized feeds on public company events via RSS.  Here are some LedeLine FAQs:

Q.  What public company events does LedeLine cover?

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A.  LedeLine covers significant events and other disclosure submitted via the SEC EDGAR system, with emphasis on 8-Ks, 10-Ks, and registration statements.  General categories of “events” include financial, governance, business, and market events.  LedeLine also covers disclosure on business relationships, business overview information, and business risk; as well as securities offerings, both public and exempt.

Q.  Can you give a few specific examples?

A.  Sure.  You can set up a LedeLine feed to alert you, for example, when a business declares bankruptcy, undergoes a change in control or departure of directors or officers, delists, signs a significant agreement, incurs a significant financial obligation, amends its articles of incorporation or bylaws, discloses a certain category of risk, or registers a certain kind of security for trading.  Those are eight of the 50 types of feeds LedeLine offers.

Q.  Who is LedeLine for? 

A.  Of course, many users of the Knowledge Mosaic website, especially those who work with SEC filings, might be interested in LedeLine.  However, since setting up LedeLine feeds requires no specialized knowledge of SEC disclosure, its appeal is potentially broader.  Anyone looking to be notified when a company has significant news to report — say, a business news journalist, an industry analyst, or a Wall Street trader – could conceivably find LedeLine valuable.

Q.  How can I customize my feeds?  For example, can I filter by a certain industry?

A.  Yes, you can.  You can customize your feeds by specifying industry, exchange, geographic location or region, or just the company name.  You can also specify a text string if you wish.

Q.  What kind of text searching does LedeLine support?

A.  Advanced Boolean text searching.  Details here.

Q.  How quickly can I expect to receive updates to my feed?

A.  LedeLine feeds are updated in real time, mere minutes after the filing is submitted with the SEC.  If your RSS reader likewise refreshes in real time, then you’ll have access to news almost instantly.

Q.  I don’t understand how RSS works.  What is an RSS feed?

A.  RSS, the acronym for Rich (RDF) Site Summary, is a system widely used to notify recipients of changes in web content or data.  Users can subscribe to an RSS “feed” which is delivered via an RSS reader.  Feeds are typically set up to look and act like emails, and depending on your reader and email system, they can even be set up to go straight to your email inbox.

Q.  Does Knowledge Mosaic Inc. offer its own RSS reader as part of LedeLine?

A.  No, not at this time.  RSS readers are ubiquitous, free, and easy to set up, so we do not currently offer our own reader.  Some popular providers of RSS readers are Google, Yahoo, and NewsGator.

Q.  If LedeLine does not include its own reader, then what exactly does it do?

A.  Once you’ve set up your feed through the LedeLine platform, the system generates a URL for your new feed.  Simply copy that URL into your RSS reader.

Q.  Is LedeLine included as part of my license to the Knowledge Mosaic website and news service?

A.  No, LedeLine is a separate product.   However, LedeLine will be completely free to anyone until January 2012.

Q.  I have SEC Watchlists set up through my Knowledge Mosaic account.  How is LedeLine different?

A.  Besides the fact that one is delivered via email and the other via RSS, here are some differences between the two:

  • Watchlist alerts are based on an entire SEC filing document, while the majority of LedeLine feeds are based on a particular section of a filing (such as a risk factor or 8-K item).
  • With LedeLine, a user chooses from among 50 boilerplate queries that they may then further customize.  With the Watchlist, there is no boilerplate; you build your alert from the ground up.
  • The Watchlist allows you set up an alert for any SEC Filing, while LedeLine is currently limited to a narrower universe of filings (but also includes Form D exempt offerings).
  • Setting up certain types of Watchlists can require specialized knowledge of SEC form types.  LedeLine requires no such specialized knowledge. 

Q.  When will LedeLine be available?

A.  The product will go live some time in September.  In the mean time, get your feed readers ready!

Contact us at or toll-free at 866-650-3600 for more information.

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