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Knowledge Mosaic for the Enforcement & Litigation Practice Area

July 12, 2011

Here’s a look at how Knowledge Mosaic serves practitioners in litigation, enforcement, and dispute resolution.

Photo by Chris Daniel. Some rights reserved.

Defendant Search

• Take advantage of powerful search capability on investigation disclosure by public companies and enforcement releases from the SEC, FINRA, and CFTC.

• Discover the difference hand-tagged data makes. Use search fields to filter by defendant name, position, and company; and where applicable, violation, penalty type, and penalty amount.

• We extract from the EDGAR filings disclosure by public companies concerning Preliminary Investigations, Formal Investigations, and Wells Notices from the SEC.

• Use our SEC Enforcement – Defendant Search page to filter releases pertaining to accounting violations, conspiracy, insider trading, mail fraud, money laundering, options backdating, and more. 

Keep Current

• Read authoritative commentary and analysis on enforcement and litigation from the world press, top law firms, and the industry’s most trusted bloggers.

• Follow on a daily basis the most significant decisions handed down from the federal courts.

•  Learn of bills and other Congressional actions that impact your world.

•  Stay current on the latest news from a broad range of federal agencies and other regulators.

•  Receive our daily Securities Mosaic Litigation News.

SEC Disclosure & Transactions

• Use our SEC Filings page for powerful searching at both the filing and company levels, to quickly find precious needles in the haystack of SEC EDGAR filings.

• Drill down into 8-K items for reporting on special events (temporary suspensions of trading, departure of directors or principal officers) and 10-K items for legal proceedings, D&O and Corporate Governance, and more.

• Find disclosure of ongoing investigations (SEC, CFTC, DOJ, OFAC, FCPA).

Laws, Rules, Agencies

Use this simple, lightning-fast platform to search simultaneously on all phases of the bureaucratic process: from legislation currently in Congress, to codification in federal law, to agency rulemaking, to compliance and disclosure by public companies, and finally to enforcement. Includes:

  • Enforcement, adjudication, or disciplinary releases from the Department of Justice, CFTC, Federal Reserve, FTC, SEC, FinCEN, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, FINRA, and the PCAOB
  • Amicus briefs and case filings from the FTC, DOJ, and Department of Labor
  • Investor Claims Funds from the SEC
  • Enforcement trend reporting and analysis from the FTC and DOJ
  • The complete US Code and CFR

Law Firm Memos

• Search our database of nearly 100,000 authoritative memos from the top law firms in North America.

• Memo practice areas include Anti-Money Laundering; Enforcement, Litigation & ADR; Criminal Law & Prosecution; and FCPA.

• Set up a daily memo alert by practice area.

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