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The ADV Brochure Supplement: Who’s Getting Theirs In Ahead of the Deadline?

July 6, 2011

As we observed a few weeks ago, the clock is ticking for those Investment Advisers who are required to submit a Brochure Supplement, or Part 2B, as part of their Form ADV registration.  The compliance date is July 31.

Photo by Jane Dominguez. Some rights reserved.

We also noted, in a follow-up post,  that the 2Bs that were beginning to trickle in as of mid-June were pretty underwhelming.   On the other hand, we had available only a small sample size, one that might have been skewed anyway given that it was made up entirely of early entries.  (Presumably, the thornier or more problematic 2Bs would not be among the first to be submitted.)

Well, that was then, and this is now.  Our newly updated spreadsheet, accessible from our Form ADV search page, includes links to nearly 200 Part 2Bs submitted this year.  And the second sheet of the document lists nearly 17,000 ADV registrations submitted in 2011.

We’ll continue to update this list, and keep you updated through blogmosaic, as we approach the July 31 deadline.

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