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Coming Soon: Same Old Date Range, New Default Setting

June 22, 2011
On our SEC Filings search page, we’ve always used “All Dates” as our default setting for date range/time frame.  That means our search engine currently looks all the way back to 1960–unless you tell it not to.  And it means that for text searches, results will show up by default as far back as 1994, the beginning of the Electronic Data Gathering And Retrieval (EDGAR) era for the SEC.

Of course, we’ll always offer searching on such an extensive date range. But as of Friday, that won’t be the default. Here’s why.

Photo by the Digital Collections of the University of Maryland. Some rights reserved.

Needless to say, with each passing year the “All Dates” window gets wider, with older filings receding further into the past.  EDGAR will soon be 18 years old. Imagine that, our little EDGAR a legal adult! Old enough to vote and to fight for his country! They grow up so fast, don’t they? (The first electronic format filing was submitted on August 13, 1993, so mark that birthday on your calendar.)

It began to dawn on us that as the years go on, it makes less and less sense to assume that users will, as a rule, need to know about filings going back to the Clinton administration (to say nothing about the Eisenhower administration).  And sure enough, we noticed that in the vast majority of searches the oldest results were not viewed at all. Which might be okay–except that including them in searches has a cost.  A larger date range means a longer search time.   That was our primary reason for finally deciding to change the default date range to “Last 3 Years.”  Beginning Friday, default date searches will return results much more quickly.

Of course, we recognize that for certain types of searches, that kind of broad searching makes sense — so of course users can continue to select “All Dates” as needed.  The more remote past will be just a click away.

Please don’t hesitate to write us at or call us at 1-866-650-3600 with any questions.
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