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What does Securities Mosaic Have in Common with Bear Stearns, Donald Trump, and Pluto? Read on.

June 1, 2011

Goodbye, 10-K Wizard, hello Morningstar Document Research.   Goodbye GSI, hello Westlaw Business.  Goodbye Westlaw Business, hello Accelus.

We’re in a market where names seem almost to change with the seasons.   And as many of our long-time users know, we’ve undergone our own name change, replacing our old Securities Mosaic moniker with the new(er) Knowledge Mosaic brand.  That’s right: Securities Mosaic is no more.  It’s gone the way of the dinosaur, the electric typewriter, Bear Stearns.  The way of planet Pluto.  The way of Donald Trump as a presidential candidate.

Photo by Andrew Roberts. Some rights reserved.

The story is actually a little more complicated than that.  Securities Mosaic has been defunct for quite some time, as a matter of fact.  And the Knowledge Mosaic name has been around since our inception.  It has been and continues to be the name of our company — first as Knowledge Mosaic LLC, and now as Knowledge Mosaic Inc.

Until last year, the Securities Mosaic platform persisted, alongside Communications Mosaic and Energy Mosaic, as a product of Knowledge Mosaic.  Then, in the spring of 2010, these three products were integrated into a single platform called knowledgemosaic (the spelling variant signals that we’re referring to the product rather than the company).

So here are the salient facts: (1) “Knowledge Mosaic” has been around for a decade.  It’s old news.  (2)  The name change away from Securities Mosaic, though more recent, is also old news.  (3)  Unlike that of some of our competitors, our name change is not the result of some acquisition or organizational change.  We’ve been the same independent, Seattle-based dot com since our humble beginnings ten years ago in Peter Schwartz’s basement.  We have continuity.  We have a long history.

What’s the takeaway here?  Well, it’s a two-part answer.  The first part is that while we acknowledge the tendency of old habits to die hard, we prefer to be called by our current name.  We would even go so far as to ask librarians to make sure that internal documents and resources referring to “Securities Mosaic” are changed to “Knowledge Mosaic.”

The second part is the subject for another blog post, coming soon.

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