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This is Abundant Search; or, Welcome to The Machine

May 17, 2011

With the release of KM3, we now have about 14.6 million records of primary data available on our website.  This includes, of course, not only a complete database of all SEC EDGAR filings — most of our users know about that — but also a vast array of guidance, rule-making, reports, enforcement releases, and other materials issued on a daily basis by the bureaucratic machine in Washington.  We offer this data alongside recent legislation as well as all current federal laws (the US Code) and rules (the CFR) in their entirety.

The mere fact that we have all this stuff is itself pretty remarkable.   What’s really, cool, though, is that all the primary data on our site coming out of Washington is searchable from a single access point. That’s essential, really — and here’s why.

All that bureaucratic machinery is, after all, part of the same big machine.  This is really not even a metaphor. Issues or ideas are fed into the system at one end, the legislative side, then are conveyed along (can you hear the gears grinding?), finally being extruded on the other end, as codified rules.  And then the process continues, as those rules are complied with (or not) and enforced (or not).

A panoramic view of this process is what our new Laws, Rules, and Agency Materials page offers.  Think about anything you care about: say, conflict minerals or credit default swaps.  You can use our page to trace the progress of concepts like these from the House or Senate floor all the way through the law-making and rule-making process and beyond.  And the fact that we provide coverage of so many diverse agencies (over two dozen) means you’re seeing through a kaleidoscope rather than a tunnel.  Which is also very important, because it opens up the possibility that you may find something meaningful in a source you never would have anticipated.

And that’s the essence of what we call abundant search.

For a directory of the primary sources available on knowledgemosaic, click the image above.

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