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The Ribbon is Ready—Latest Enhancements to knowledgemosaic Coming Monday

May 12, 2011

Photo by Sarah E.K.D. Some rights reserved.

If you haven’t already heard, or haven’t read this blog for the past several weeks, the official release date for a major new version of our platform – “KM3” — is Monday May 16th.  We may, however, pull the trigger as early as the close of tomorrow’s (Friday’s) work day.  In that case, you’ll not only get an early glimpse of KM3, but you’ll have it all weekend to play around with (cancel those weekend plans!).  You should experience little or no interruption during the transition.

What will the new platform look like?  Many of the changes — even some pretty important ones — are subtle.  Others will be more noticeable.  You’ll experience some great new functionality on our SEC Filings page.  And on the knowledgemosaic home page, you’ll immediately see two new sections: Defendant Search and Laws, Rules, Agencies.  Defendant Search contains all our hand-tagged enforcement data, which gets you much closer to important regulatory enforcement insights and trends than mere document-searching can deliver. What we’re probably most excited about, though, is our amazing new Laws, Rules, and Agency Materials search page, which represents a quantum leap toward our revolutionary vision of integrated and unified access to federal government information.  Read about it here!

Want more detail? You have a few options.  Get a quick rundown of what’s new in KM3, or check out this six-minute video tour. To learn more about individual features,  go to our interactive document (with links to more detail on each section of the site); or peruse the “KM3” category on this blog.  Finally, don’t hesitate to call us (we’re reachable during our regular business hours) or email us at any time with questions.

With this launch, we’re offering deeper and more granular research capabilities for securities and transactional attorneys. However – as our Dodd-Frank Rulemaking Tracker makes clear – we’re also dramatically extending the knowledgemosaic platform to encompass the full scope of federal government regulation. KM3 is our most expansive and rich product to date.

You’re truly in the know with Knowledge Mosaic.

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