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We’ve Been Working on our Law Firm Relationships (Dr. Phil Would Be Proud!)

May 10, 2011

Photo by Clyde Robinson. Some rights reserved.

Which law firms are helping companies spin off, deregister, or offer new securities through a business combination?  Which firms help oil and gas companies with their filings? Who’s been advising Microsoft or Apple?

Which firms are trending up or down?

Who else is representing the companies your firm represents?

The answers to all these questions are at your fingertips with the knowledgemosaic Law Firm Relationships search page. Over 100,000 law firm-public company relationships are mapped and searchable in this proprietary database. And with the launch of a new version of our website this Monday, the page will be better than ever.

Here are three reasons why:

  1. Smarter crawling. The accuracy and comprehensiveness of our law firm relationship mapping is now better than ever, thanks to new parsing scripts made possible by technological advances in natural language processing.  In plain English, that means the program we use to crawl hundreds of thousands of filings in search of law firm representation is smarter than before – more accurate and more thorough.
  2. Normalized law firm names. One of the challenges of identifying law firms programmatically is that you have to hit a moving target: Not only are there the expected variations in spelling (“Latham and Watkins,” “Latham & Watkins,” and “Latham Watkins” could be understood by a literal-minded microchip as three different firms), but firms’ names change with some regularity. In the new, upgraded version of our Law Firm Relationships page we’ve tackled these idiosyncrasies, seeking to normalize firm names while also preserving meaningful historical name differences.
  3. Excel reporting. The ability to export up to 2,000 results into a spreadsheet, brand new to this search page, is huge. Slice, dice, sort, filter. Identify recurring records. Graph trends. Make pie charts! By organizing and managing your data in Excel, you can do hardcore analytics not possible by a conventional results view.

If you have any questions about the upgrades we’ve made to our Law Firm Relationships page, don’t hesitate to write us at

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