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Why Our Newest Dodd-Frank Tracker — Released Today — Is The Only One You Need

May 2, 2011

Sure, there are tools out there to help legal and banking professionals try to make sense of this expansive (read: scattered) Act.  But most are either free, and thus about as deep as a coffee mug (the American Banking Association’s (ABA) version comes to mind), or useful but cost-prohibitive.

Photo by LeAnn E. Crowe. Some rights reserved.

However, with today’s release of the third edition of Knowledge Mosaic’s Dodd-Frank Tracker, a powerful search tool is available at the click of a link.  And if you have a Knowledge Mosaic site license, you’ll have access to the full range of the tool’s functionality.

This new version of our Dodd-Frank Tracker enables you to:

  • Gain control of your calendar.   Search for items by date / time frame for compliance date, effective date, release date, and public comment date.
  • Find the needle in the 2,200-page haystack.  Link directly to the Title (and section, if applicable) of the Dodd-Frank Act that authorizes a particular agency release.
  • Locate all needles within a given clump of the haystack.   Filter for rulemaking items that correspond to the Title of the Act.
  • Connect to the crowd.  Link directly to public comments associated with a given rulemaking item (requires personal account login).
  • Keep both eyes on what you care about.  Topic-based filtering now available on the Dodd-Franker daily email alert (requires personal account login).

For more information, we encourage you to review our Knowledge Mosaic Dodd-Frank Tracker features document. Should you have any questions, wish to have a member of our support team review the tool with you, or would like to sign up for a trial of knowledgemosaic, please feel free to contact us at 866-650-3600 or

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