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Old Planes in the Sky; New Features on Knowledge Mosaic

April 26, 2011

Photo by Rainer Ebert. Some rights reserved.

You may recall that earlier this month, a large hole blew open in the roof of a 737 flying for Southwest Airlines;  one attendant from a competing airline referred to it as the “Southwest Convertible.” Yesterday, federal investigators released an interim report which indicates that this horrifying incident may be the result of shoddy riveting work when the fuselage was assembled, causing the plane to weaken and age prematurely. Boeing, the plane’s manufacturer, has said it will remain “engaged with the investigation.”

Keep up with these companies and more on our SEC Filings page. Select our “Company Information” view for basic corporate details, along with market and financial data including market cap and shares outstanding.

We’ve recently added the ability view XBRL financial data in Excel format. And with our new KM3 release due out next month, we’ll be incorporating 10-K and 8-K item searching into our already extensive SEC Filings search.

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