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Create and Customize a Personal Account with Knowledge Mosaic

February 14, 2011

Get Personal

If you typically access Knowledge Mosaic through your organization’s IP-authenticated license, you may not be aware of the benefits of available to you through a personal account. Only by logging in with your own username can you set up personalized Watchlist alerts, add and save documents in your very own Document Cart, store searches, or set up alerts through the KM Dodd-Frank Tracker. And if your organization holds a firm-wide license, your personal account is available at no extra charge. Click here to sign up for one now.

Choose Your News

Once you’re set up with a personal account, you can reconfigure your news profile yourself using our News Settings page. Whether you want to add on to the news services you already receive (our Weekly Regulatory Report now includes a Dodd-Frank Focus), limit the number of emails you receive each day (you can view all of today’s news services on our Keep Current page; or visit our News & Spotlight Archive for previous publications), or just want to suspend reception of all news publications while you’re on vacation in Maui, head over to the Personal Account Settings section of our Support page and get it done in no time.

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