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Keep Your Search Results Under Control With Tabbed Browsing

February 8, 2011

After running a search on the SEC Filings page on knowledgemosaic, you’ll find there are a number of ways to customize the way you view your results.

  • View up to 100 records per page
  • Sort by date, by company name, or by form type
  • Select one of multiple drop-down options, including company information, filing information, or hits preview

Once you’ve gotten your results page just right, make sure you keep it that way. Rather than navigating away to view your results, right-click or use your control key to open records in a new tab or window; this allows you to jump back to your results page at any time, where you’ll find it looking just the way you left it.

Here’s another tip: if you open filings in HTML, navigation buttons will appear at the top, allowing you to jump from keyword hit to keyword hit throughout the document. From this format, you can choose to turn your findings into a pop-out PDF, reformat into Word, email to a colleague, or add to your document cart.

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