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Working with SEC Forms: Resources from Knowledge Mosaic

January 25, 2011

Disclosure in the SEC EDGAR filings can seem anomalous, vast, and ever-changing. It often adds up to messy data that is tricky to navigate. Fortunately, knowledgemosaic makes available a number of resources with relevant and concise information that can help you make sense of it all.

  • The KM Forms Guide offers snapshots of form types that are particularly valuable, common, or widely known. Click on the link next to the “Form Type” field on our SEC Filings page; or visit our Support page for the guide, along with other resources.
  • For a comprehensive list of form types filed with the SEC, we provide a link to the EDGAR Filer Manual, also available on our SEC Filings page.
  • If you’re searching for blank forms, head to our Agency Materials section. Find the dataset entitled “SEC Forms;” then run a text search for the form you need.
  • We even offer an 8-K Correspondence Table, which show changes to item numbers as of August 23, 2004. Find it—and put it to good use—on our 8-K Item Search page.


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